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FKM-Coupling RESISTOR - chemical and thermal resistant for industrial applications.

Multi-Connector TRANSFER - for industrial pipe systems with same or different diameters.

Sewer Saddle TWISTEE for connecting lateral pipes to thick walled main sewers. The TWISTEE DN/OD 160 offers the possibility to connect to any DN 150 laterl pipe material.

Large diameter couplings are available in both 190 mm and 300 mm width and can be manufactured exactly to our customer´s demands up to over 3.000 mm diameter. They are suitable for any pipe materials such as concrete, clay, plastic, GRP or cast iron.

Would you be aware of all the little but major features and benefits of the MÜCHER coupling range? Browse our website or speak to our sales team to get an update on our unique selling points. Our unique "Lock in Place" profile of the rubber sleeve ensures that the clamps

Müchers QM-System was successfully certified to  DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 audited by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance GmbH (LRQA) in February 2018. Download the new QM-Certificate here: DOWNLOAD

The Multi-Flexible-Coupling GENIUS comes with integrated removable bushes and is the right solution always to hand. What ever pipe material needs to be jointed within one dimension, the GENIUS will always be the right solution for the contractor.