Coupling Kit EASY-REP MER

Coupling Kit EASY-REP MER

  • For repair of damage or cracks
  • No stop of water flow
  • For above and below ground
  • Resistant to 0.5 bar

Coupling Kit EASY-REP – allows local repairs without stopping the water flow

EASY-REP is a rubber flexible repair coupling supplied in an easy to install kit form.

EASY-REP is designed to allow pipe repairs to be carried out to sewerage and drainage pipelines which have been subject to local damage or cracks, without the need to replace the section of pipe or even to stop the flow of water whilst carrying out the repair.

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Coupling Kit EASY-REP MER
Technical Specification

Coupling Kit EASY-REP for local repairs of damaged or cracked waste water pipes made from all materials. The outside diameter on the damaged pipe section needs to be taken on site.


MÜCHER DICHTUNGEN®, 50226 Frechen, T +49 2234 928 03-0, F -55

Pressure Tightness:

0.5 bar

Corrosion Resistance:


Sealing Material:

EPDM rubber according to DIN EN 681-1

Stainless Steel:

AISI 304/1.4301, alternatively AISI 316/1.4404 according to DIN EN 10088-2

Temperature Resistance:

-40°C to +120°C, temporary max. temperature +160°C


DIN EN 681-1, CE06, MPA Test Certificate No. 22 0008278
Article NumberReferenceA
Size Range
resistant to
83000310EASY-REP MER 310295-3101900,5133,5
83000320EASY-REP MER 320305-3201900,5133,7
83000330EASY-REP MER 330315-3301900,5133,7
83000340EASY-REP MER 340325-3401900,5133,9
83000350EASY-REP MER 350335-3501900,5133,9
83000360EASY-REP MER 360345-3601900,5134,0
83000370EASY-REP MER 370355-3701900,5134,1
83000380EASY-REP MER 380365-3801900,5134,2
83000390EASY-REP MER 390375-3901900,5134,3
83000400EASY-REP MER 400385-4001900,5134,4
83000410EASY-REP MER 410395-4101900,5134,5
83000420EASY-REP MER 420405-4201900,5134,6
83000430EASY-REP MER 430415-4301900,5134,7
83000440EASY-REP MER 440425-4401900,5134,8
83000450EASY-REP MER 450435-4501900,5135,0
83000460EASY-REP MER 460445-4601900,5135,0
83000470EASY-REP MER 470455-4701900,5135,1
83000480EASY-REP MER 480465-4801900,5135,1
83000490EASY-REP MER 490475-4901900,5135,2
83000500EASY-REP MER 500485-5001900,5135,3
83000510EASY-REP MER 510495-5101900,5135,4
83000520EASY-REP MER 520505-5201900,5135,5
83000530EASY-REP MER 530515-5301900,5135,6
83000540EASY-REP MER 540525-5401900,5135,7
83000550EASY-REP MER 550535-5501900,5135,8
83000560EASY-REP MER 560545-5601900,5135,9
83000570EASY-REP MER 570555-5701900,5136,0
83000580EASY-REP MER 580565-5801900,5136,1
83000590EASY-REP MER 590575-5901900,5136,2
83000600EASY-REP MER 600585-6001900,5136,3
83000610EASY-REP MER 610595-6101900,5136,4
83000620EASY-REP MER 620605-6201900,5136,5
83000630EASY-REP MER 630615-6301900,5206,8
83000640EASY-REP MER 640625-6401900,5207,2
83000650EASY-REP MER 650635-6501900,5207,4
83000660EASY-REP MER 660645-6601900,5207,5
83000670EASY-REP MER 670655-6701900,5207,6
83000680EASY-REP MER 680665-6801900,5207,7
83000690EASY-REP MER 690675-6901900,5207,9
83000700EASY-REP MER 700685-7001900,5208,0
83000710EASY-REP MER 710695-7101900,5208,0
83000720EASY-REP MER 720705-7201900,5208,1
83000730EASY-REP MER 730715-7301900,5208,2
83000740EASY-REP MER 740725-7401900,5208,3
83000750EASY-REP MER 750735-7501900,5208,4
83000760EASY-REP MER 760745-7601900,5208,6
83000770EASY-REP MER 770755-7701900,5208,7
83000780EASY-REP MER 780765-7801900,5208,8
83000790EASY-REP MER 790775-7901900,5208,9
83000800EASY-REP MER 800785-8001900,5209,0
  • Coat rubber glue to the sleeve.
    Coat rubber glue to the sleeve.
  • Tighten shear band reciprocally.
    Tighten shear band reciprocally.
  • Tighten clamps.
    Tighten clamps.
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