Mücher Standort


Company History

Mücher Dichtungen is part of the California based worldwide Mission Rubber group of companies; the originators of the rubber flexible coupling over 60 years ago.

Since 1955 Mücher is developing, manufacturing and distributing couplings and seals for all pipe materials used in the low pressure civils and drainage industry. In general Mücher products are used when two pipes with both different diameters and materials need jointing. This requires a custom-made consulting to find a reliable long-term solution.

Whereas Mücher's core business used to be in the civils and drainage industry only, nowadays the business fields have been extended and include both plumbing and industry.

Due to working closely with various pipe manufactures, combined with the long-term presence on the European market place a product range has been formed that offers a reliable and permanent solution for almost any possible application. Especially the sealing technologies for repair solutions require a wide knowledge and expertise for all the different pipe materials and connection systems.

The heart of our manufacturing is the area of customized solutions where Mücher with its 60 year’s experience is always identifying the right sealing system, is manufacturing the correct solution and is then supplying to site on time.

The majority of the product range is manufactured at the European headquarters in Frechen, near Cologne. Customized solutions for the UK market are also manufactured at Mücher's Sheffield based daughter company. Mücher and its distributors are present in over 30 different

Together with its customers Mücher is permanently developing new and innovative products for below and above ground applications. Mücher's products are known for their high quality, for being easy to install and for solving problems on site. A good example of a new product development is the Multi-Flexible-Coupling GENIUS.

New product developments are tested in Mücher's own test laboratory against all requirements resulting from the relevant standard. Any new developed seal will run through both material and functional tests. Before any product launch the new developed seal will be tested on live sites to ensure it fulfills all requirements and ease of installation on site.

Therefore it is assured that only products that meet the high Mücher quality standard will exit our factory. Since 1993 Mücher has ran a quality management system and is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.